generator Installation


Life is unpredictable. When a freak power outage occurs or a snowstorm downs a powerline, you need assurance that you’ll stay warm and connected to your appliances. Eelctricians R Us is your trusted company for top-notch generator services in the area. We install top-notch Generac generators due to their exceptional service and reliability.

Experience power like never before – call us now to arrange for generator installation services.

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When you call on Electrician R Us for generator installation services, you can expect a fast and easy process. We’ll:

  • Provide a free in-home consultation, along with an estimate
  • Create a fair and reasonable contract and accept your deposit
  • Order the generator and all other materials to your home
  • Install your new generator correctly and efficiently
  • Teach you important maintenance tips

To ensure you get the best bang for your buck, we use a Generac sizing calculator to accurately assess which model you need and where to install it. 

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