Preventive Maintenance


Every electrical system needs routine care. This can decrease your energy use and save you money on expensive replacements. That’s why Electricians R Us offers extensive electrical maintenance services in the area. We always begin with detailed electrical inspections. Once we’ve identified the issues, we’ll get to work on caring for your system.

Make an appointment for an inspection today. We’re ready to help you take care of your property.

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Covering all the bases

We’ll thoroughly analyze your electrical system, starting with your main panel to check for corrosion and rust. If your panel is out of date, we can upgrade it. Maybe you have old aluminum wiring or smoke alarms. We’ll bring everything up to code. Plus, we’ll change your smoke alarm batteries so you won’t have to worry about them for the next 10 years.

If you have a generator, we’ll check its spark plugs and change its oil and air filters. You’ll get all of the electrical maintenance you need for an efficient property. Discuss your electrical needs with an expert now.

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